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Girls Getting Gorgeous!

One of Jenni’s most important tips to brides is: “Makeup is your friend – don’t be afraid of it!” As photographers, we know this is such a true statement. We know how beautiful you are, but a great makeup artist will help enhance that beauty even more so and help you look amazing in your pictures.

So when Marisa Verdi of Flawless Image Makeup offered to do makeovers for Jenni and our good friend Vivian, they were excited to see what she could do. She gave them a softer daytime look, as well as more dramatic looks for evenings or going out (or a special photography shoot!). It seemed to me that the options were endless! Marisa is extremely talented and did an incredible job – her art background really shined through. She is also a veritable encyclopedia for MAC makeup, and sent Jenni home with a long shopping list. 🙂

But it wasn’t all work and no play! After their makeovers, I had a chance to photograph three of the most beautiful women you’d ever want to see – that’s right, Marisa had a chance to style for us, too! I think they absolutely rocked it.

IMPORTANT TIP: Since makeup will often look much lighter in your photos, don’t be afraid to go much darker than you normally would for everyday. Notice how dark Jenni’s makeup looks up close when being applied, yet look how amazing it looks in the other pictures.

So, there’s your proof ladies. A great makeup artist is going to work well with your photographer for stunning results in your photos. Makeup really is your friend.

You can reach Marisa Verdi by calling 845.629.2398. Or become a fan of Marisa and Flawless Image Makeup on Facebook.

  • Stephanie Zettl - Wow Jenni! You look amazing! (not that you don’t normally look amazing!!)
    StephanieApril 24, 2008 – 12:51 PM

  • Andrea - Jenni, you are just gorgeous beyond words!!! I love that picture of you and Ulysses! You guys make me smile, I swear.March 29, 2008 – 5:02 PM

  • Saving You Clicks at Ulysses Photography Blog - […] take a blog entry like Girls Getting Gorgeous! This entry contains eight images for your enjoyment. Now, you could click on each thumbnail to open […]March 25, 2008 – 10:20 AM

  • Jenni - I agree, Jess – the makeup is dramatic and amazing, but I didn’t feel like it looked so unlike me that it was unrealistic. I guess we’ll have to get some prints made! 🙂

    Thanks, Mom! 🙂March 20, 2008 – 11:24 AM

  • Mama McNulty - Wow! What pictures! You’ve always been beautiful to me!
    MommyMarch 19, 2008 – 11:58 PM

  • Jessica - I love the one of the two of you as well-its really pretty (and handsome). The makeup really pops-but you still look like “you”. Which is the sign of a great makeup artist.

    I really want a copy of that image of the both of you. We could keep it in our wallet and show you off. 😉 Seriously though, it would be fun to have a framed photo of you!March 19, 2008 – 2:42 PM

  • Jenni - Hehe – thanks Jess! It really was amazing makeup. I told Marisa that I’m not afraid of makeup, I wanted it to look amazing in camera, and that I was going to tell her my favorite thing to hear from brides: “You’re the artist – do whatever you want.” She got so excited, the brushes went flying, and the rest is history! : ) I really think you get the best results when you give artists that kind of creative freedom.March 19, 2008 – 8:09 AM

  • Ulysses - LOL! I had to laugh when I read your comment, Jess. I’ll make SURE Jenni reads this as soon as she wakes up tomorrow morning. She’s going to love this. 😀

    Check out the ATTITUDE in image #5 of 8. I really love #7 of her, too. Marisa did such a beautiful job. When it was Jenni’s turn to sit in the chair, she told Marisa to simply do whatever she wanted with her. And Marisa went to town. I remember the smile on Jenni’s face and the “wow” that she uttered when she first saw herself in the mirror. It was fun for her, and even more fun for me to shoot.

    “Holy cannoli” is right!March 18, 2008 – 10:58 PM

  • Jessica - holy cannoli batman! Look at Jenni’s eyes!!!

    That makeup is GORGEOUS-and you are too Jenni-but that makes your eyes crazy insane!

    love it!March 18, 2008 – 10:47 PM

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