Beach Wedding At Gurneys Inn Montauk
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Beach Wedding At Gurneys Inn Montauk

How gorgeous is this girl? I just love everything about this bridal portrait taken at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk.

First, can we talk about her confidence? She just looks so happy and content, with a quiet and steady serenity. This is a woman ready to take on that aisle!

The other thing that really strikes me about this image is the soft light wrapping around her. This particular spot was not a place that would’ve seemed obvious to take a portrait, especially with a beach just steps away. However, we have always prioritized light that flatters our subjects, and this spot had that in spades. There was time later for portraits by the ocean and taking advantage of the Montauk beach scenery, but we just had to use this spot for a simple pose that really showed off just … Adele.

Her Alita Graham strapless dress with the lovely embellished sash and sweetheart neckline fit every curve perfectly and showed off her hourglass shape to perfection. It was the ideal fitted but lightweight wedding dress for a summer day on the oceanside.

I also adore the simplicity of her accessories. The pretty but uncomplicated pattern of her headpiece and the lightweight veil with just the right amount of bling on the edges brought her whole look together. We even took advantage of this later for some portraits on the edge of the ocean - Adele never flinched in that ocean breeze! I always love it when a bride puts thought into her dress choice and how it will blend with the environment and season of her wedding day.


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