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The groom here is jumping for joy, and he has every reason to do so! First, he was so excited to be marrying his lovely bride. Second, all of their friends and family, the people most important to him, were there to witness this special occasion. Third, they chose a very special venue for their wedding.

The Garrison in New York combines rustic charm with contemporary elements and a view of the Hudson Valley that will make your jaw drop. Ulysses and I get a charge of excitement every time we see that view - it never gets old!

Another reason for this groom’s joy is that he has the best Garrison wedding photographers! He knows that moments like these will be artistically captured so that he can enjoy them for years to come. This couple is passionate about photography, and choosing the right photographer was extremely important to them. Despite ridiculously warm temperatures for their October wedding, they remained full of energy for photos and the results were well worth it. I love the carefree energy in this photo.


Aleeta and Rich decided we were their photographers after first seeing our work in album form. In fact, they said it was 90% of what made them choose their venue! They said our photos told the story in the album, and they were just hoping we had availability for their wedding day. We promptly set up a time to meet together. They drove out from Queens to meet with us, and we hit it off immediately.

Not only did we become their wedding photographers, but we were later commissioned to photograph the weddings of two of the groom’s sisters! We feel incredibly privileged to share in so many of this family’s most important occasions. It’s also extra fun when we get to see our couples again later at another wedding! It feels like a reunion, and we have such a connection formed with so many of the guests. It is so heartwarming to us to be thought of over and over by our clients.

We would love to show you our work, how we tell a story, and why so many couples recommend us. Please click here to contact us and let’s start getting to know one another!

Location: 2015 US 9, Garrison NY .

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