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Julie + Greg’s Onteora Mountain House Wedding

Julie + Greg blew us away! They’re a pair of genuine rockstars (no.. really… Julie performed with her rock band at her own wedding!). They thought of so many little ways to queue everyone in on the things they love and what this all-important day was all about. Even though we saw details galore, prepared with thought and handmade with obvious love and attention, things never looked or felt frantic or crammed in at the last minute. But all of those things pale in comparison to the overwhelming joy, high-octane energy, and loving consideration that Julie + Greg brought for one another. Their expression of their feelings, not only in their heartfelt vows, but also in their surprise song performances for one another, spoke volumes to everyone about their intense devotion. After a joyous final song, everyone was treated to a farewell table of homemade beer with Julie + Greg’s own custom label, a perfect way to end a spectacular day! We’re so glad to have been there to photograph this amazing day for them.

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  • Ulysses - Mary, the pleasure and the privilege was entirely ours. From the moment we arrived there at Onteora, we knew the experience was going to be an extraordinary one not only for us, but for each and every person in attendance that day. We were moved by how touched Julie was at having all the most important people in her lives so intimately involved in helping make the day successful. And we felt just as happy and excited upon seeing Greg’s carefree sense of humor at work. It was truly one of our all-time favorite events, and with good reason! You made us feel as part of the family, and we’re so grateful for that. Out of relationships like these grows our love for photography and showing the honest beauty of people and who they are within. Thank you for allowing us to do that for you, as well as for Julie & Greg. We hope to see everyone again in the future as the family grows. Warmly, UlyssesSeptember 1, 2011 – 9:56 AM

  • Mary Hamilton - Jenni and Ulysses,
    Photography aside, we feel so very blessed to have crossed paths with both of you. Your photography is extraordinary. It is without a doubt reflective of the profound relationship you share as partners. I believe that when happiness and clarity come from within, it is only then that we can capture and experience it externally and subsequently share it with others. It is a gift to know you and to have had your presence and beautiful energy with us on this most memorable day. It is truly beyond articulation to say that you captured everyone’s spirit and energy, especially Julie’s and Greg’s authenticity both as individuals and as a remarkable couple. Thank you both for all that you are and for all that you do!!

    My warmest regards,
    Mary Hamilton xxoo (Julie Van Ullen’s proud mom, Greg Van Ullen’s honored mother in law)August 31, 2011 – 11:39 AM

  • Ulysses - Julie, you have NO IDEA how glad it makes us to know how happy you are with your photos! Not only was a day that delivered on its promise to knock everyone’s socks off, but it was a tremendously emotional day all around. We loved seeing how much each of your parents celebrated with you, too! You could FEEL literally every emotive moment of the day. The music simply put the exclamation mark on the evening. It was such a privilege to FINALLY see you and your band perform! But above all else, thank you both for being so thoroughly swept up in the happiness of the day. Ultimately, nothing mattered to us more than that. Thank you so much for your kind words, Julie. They mean so much to us. But the truth is — YOU and Greg are the rock stars. We’re just happy to have been members of the audience. Hugs! 🙂August 29, 2011 – 11:35 PM

  • Julie Hamilton - Jenni and Ulysses –

    I cannot put into words the importance of the photos you captured of our wedding. If there is someplace I can sing your praises where I have not, please tell me. No only is your photography artful and beautiful but your ability to capture the feelings and emotions of each part of the day is truly unbelievable. We cannot thank you enough for the visual storybook you have given us…we are so lucky to have found you!

    JulieAugust 29, 2011 – 9:07 PM

  • Jenni - Thank you so much, Christine! The entire gallery is now available – go check it out! It was a truly incredible day to photograph and we could barely put our cameras down. 🙂August 28, 2011 – 11:26 AM

  • Christine Reeves Van Ullen - I am so honored to have been a part of this amazingly beautiful day and can’t wait to see your photography – if the dance photo above is any indication your photos will be breathtaking!August 27, 2011 – 10:00 PM

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