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Artist’s Choice… What’s That???

Jenni and I love taking pictures. Whenever we meet with clients, we always talk about how the shooting is only one part of the creative process. Images captured in camera, whether film or digital, still need to be “finished”. This is the case with our own photos, as well. While our focus is upon the couple’s deep feelings for one another, their expression of affection for one another, and producing the best moment frozen in that image, we also enjoy working on these photos to bring out their best for color, mood, and emotive impact. A proof alone will not completely convey the vision that Jenni and I have for that particular image in its finalized state. So what do we do? How can we convey our ideas to you, while also helping you enjoy your photos?

When we have the time available between shooting sessions, we create a little preview slideshow (for PC users only… no Mac version available at this time), which includes select images to demonstrate the way we “see” your photos. This slideshow gives you a chance to slow down, stop and drink in the beauty of your images in a way that the proofs may not. If it is a wedding slideshow, we also might be hinting at images that would look superb in your wedding album or as larger artistic wall prints. 😉

A preview slideshow here at Ulysses Photography lasts only about a minute. But we also offer an Artist’s Choice Slideshow on DVD for engagement sessions as well as for your wedding images. This is what you might consider as a “director’s cut” of images (about 25 from an engagement session, and about 100 from a wedding), chosen by myself and Jenni, and then given a large dose of TLC during post-processing to produce a one-of-a-kind commemoration of your day together. Our emphasis is upon the pictures and the way these make you feel, rather than upon the show itself. But instead of using more words to describe it, why not take a look at a few recent examples of preview shows. The DVD versions of these shows are somewhat longer, with more images, but very similar in feel:

Jaime and Brett’s Engagement Preview

Jamee and Jeff’s Wedding Preview

Vivian and John’s Wedding Preview

We hope you enjoy shows like these. They are our way of providing another way to enjoy your photos. If you’d like to find out more about these, feel free to write and ask about them. Or request your very own Artist Choice Slideshow on DVD when going through your proof gallery. We think you’ll enjoy it immensely.

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