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Annie and Jason’s Album on the Way!

How do our couples feel about getting their “Ulysses Photography” album? We just received these fun emails from both a bride AND groom this morning, after I notified them that their album is on the way. This one from Annie:

We are psyched!! I will email you as soon as we get it!!!

Hope all is well!


This one from Jason:

Hey guys- thank you for the heads up. We are ssooo excited- plus- we are going away to the shore for the weekend with some friends (Matt, Stephanie, Jeff and Jackie- whom you have met) so we would love to bring it along to show them. Once Jeff gets up enough courage- you might have another wedding on your hands.

Thank you again for all of your hard work…Expect another email later today once we have torn into our package!!


We couldn’t be happier for you guys! We hope you’re as thrilled about seeing and sharing it as we were in designing it for you. 🙂 Say hi to Stephanie and Matt for us. And Jeff – no pressure. 😉

Annie & Jason’s album (layout 12) Annie & Jason’s album (layout 15)

(Click any image to see a larger version.)

UPDATE: It arrived! Annie wrote again:

We GOT it!!!!! And we LOVE IT!!! It is so perfect!! Amazing!!! I could throw a ton of wonderful adjectives to tell you how much we love it, but I think you get the point!! We are so excited to show our family and friends! Once again you and Ulysses have outdone yourselves!! We hope you know how much we appreciate all of your hardwork and talent!

We will see you in June and August at our friends’ weddings!! I hope all is well for you both!! We’ll talk to you soon!

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  • Ulysses - Annie, notes like these are what keep us going. 🙂

    I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that capturing the photos — as important as that is — is only the first half of the process. After that, there is so much that goes into telling your wedding day story. You and Jason had a day filled with so much heart and love from your friends, and we wanted to give as much as we could to the album process so you’d feel extremely proud of it as a whole.

    There is truly no better compliment to us than a couple like yourselves who are in love with your photos and with your album. 🙂

    Luv you guys. Take care!

    Ulysses & JenniNovember 9, 2007 – 12:42 AM

  • Annie - Everyone that has seen our album is going nuts!! They absolutely love it and couldn’t get over how beautiful it is! The #1 comment is, “I have NEVER seen a wedding album as wonderful as this.” And you know I just smile and say thanks, but really am thinking – I know!!!!!

    Each time we look at (with our little white gloves!), it takes us back to our day!!

    Thanks for taking the time to make it so special!!

    Talk to you soon~AnnieNovember 7, 2007 – 9:38 PM

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